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In an LED Display, can a client choose times of the day when their advertising material can be aired, such as prime time or block time?
Does DOOH process Ad Standards Council (ASC) Applications?
How does Share of Voice (SOV) work in LED Displays?
In an LED Display, how many minutes in a cycle or loop before the client gets to view their advertising material again and again?
How is the number of LED Display spots calculated?
Do clients benefit a first option refusal or renewal in booked sites?
In case of roll down or non-operation of the Static or LED Display due to typhoons, how is the non-exposure compensated?
What is the lead-time for the installation, printing or airing of the client’s advertising material?
What are the required file specifications for Static and LED Displays?
Are clients allowed to print their Static Materials for the booked Static Displays?
What is the minimum period required in booking Out-of-Home Media with DOOH?
What are the regular operational hours of the various Out-of-Home Media provided by DOOH?